About me

Welcome to my homepage.

OW_Photo2I am a postdoc in the Mathematical Data Sceince group led by André Uschmajew at the University of Augsburg. Previously I was a TUM postdoc in the Mathematical Statistics group working with Mathias Drton. I finished my PhD at the University of Osnabrück in the Applied Algebra and Data Analysis group under the supervision of Tim Römer. My main research interests lie in algebraic statistics, where algebra, geometry and combinatorics are used to tackle problems in statistics. I mainly focus on problems in graphical modeling, maximum likelihood and the estimation of distributions. I also enjoy using computer algebra systems and often try to push them to their computational limit. I also keep an eye towards applications in data science.

Since you are here, you might want to see what kind of activities I am participating in next or have a look at my research.

You can find my email address at our group page at TUM.

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